Beautiful 27 000 ha Game Farm in Botswana

This beautiful 27 000 ha game farm is situated in western Botswana approximately 30 kilometers from a town called Ghanzi. The topography is mainly flat with typical Kalahari veld habitat consisting of sweet and sour veld with various trees like camel thorn, lead wood, umbrella thorn etc. The property comprises of 5 different adjacent farms:    4 of which are freehold in total 18,192 Ha and 1 leasehold 9,000 Ha, leased from the Government with approx. 40 years to run on the lease. All 5 are contiguous.The majority of the farms are on the Ghanzi limestone ridge and have plentiful, shallow, sweet and reliable water.The property is externally fenced with a 17-strand 2.4 metre game fence in accordance with legislation. Total length approx. 110 km. The property has been developed extensively in the last 6 years and is now one of the best-developed extensive ranches in Botswana.The company is for sale, inclusive of all assets.

FARM 1.  4 433 HA  16 000 000 BWP

This farm is relatively undeveloped. It has formed part of a consolidated game farm for the last 10 years.The farm has a traditional farm house in need of renovation and one equipped borehole, the farm is game fenced on three sides.The farm has been chemically debushed. A district road, due to be tarred, forms the western boundary of the farm.The game would be removed and the eastern boundary game fenced by the current owners in the event of a sale.If the buyers wished to purchase all or some of the existing game on the farm this could be negotiated.


FARM 2.  9 479 HA    40 700 000 BWP

These farms are on the Ghanzi ridge, thus providing plentiful, shallow water, the farms have formed the nucleus of the wildlife estate used by the current owners.The farms are well developed with many waterholes, hides and a comprehensive road network.There is a beautiful game lodge with all the necessary facilities for a photographic or hunting lodge. It was rated 3* by the Botswana tourism authorities.There is a five bedroom owners lodge and a farm manager’s house.

The game on the farm is abundant the main species being

Giraffe, Kudu, Gemsbok, Zebra, Black wildebeest, Blue wildebeest, Impala, Springbok, Ostrich, Eland, Leopard Numerous small game: warthog, steenbok, duiker, aardvark, brown hyena, porcupine etc. as well as itinerant Cape wild dog, Cheetah, occasional lion and elephant.

The game on the farm would be sold separately at market related prices and quantified with the buyer by a mutually acceptable helicopter game count.The owners estimate the game to be worth approx. P 10 million. Parts of the western and northern boundaries  are currently unfenced. The current owners would erect these fences at their cost as part of the sale.

FARM 3.  4 280 HA  18 800 000 BWP

The southern section of this farm lies on the Ghanzi ridge with the northern section on the Kalahari sand veld so it has the best of both worlds.The farm is currently used as the HQ of the existing operation.It has owner’s accommodation, a granny flat and a manager’s house. There is a warehouse, a workshop and a cool room. There is a mature fully developed garden.The farm is game fenced on three sides.The game would be removed and the southern boundary game fenced by the current owners in the event of a sale.If the buyers wished to purchase all or some of the existing game on the farm this could be negotiated.

FARM 4. (Lease hold) 9 000 HA  36 000 000 BWP

This farm is used as a cattle farm.The perimeter of the farm is game fenced. The farm has been developed as a state of the art cattle farm designed for intensive holistic veld management with all the necessary infrastructure in place. We are confident that this is the best farm of its type in Botswana.The farm has two fully equipped boreholes with associated infrastructure.

The whole property is for sale or the five different farms can be bought individually with the full description of each farm as numbered above please note that farm nr. 2 is two farms together operated as one unit.

This is an unique opportunity to acquire a very well looked after and well managed game farm in Botswana a very safe and friendly country with a population of just more than two million people. Interested buyers are welcome to contact me for more information regarding this opportunity.Please note that the selling price is subject to change as it is quoted in Botswana Pula and will be adjusted according to the exchange rate.



  • Developments 1: Residences There are 6 management houses on the property. This is the main management hub and consists of A large managers house, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounges, kitchen, scullery, pantry. Large covered stoop with swimming pool. A private guest cottage attached to the main house A 3 bedroomed, 2 bath roomed managers house Stables for 10 horses Large workshop Large storage warehouse Cold room Meat processing rooms Developed vegetable garden. This complex is solar powered with 24 x 2.4 Kw panels on sun tracker system with 48 2v glass battery cells and 3 phase MLT drives invertor there is a backup Deutz 16 kVa diesel generator. There are two equipped boreholes supplying the HQ complex and one unequipped backup borehole. General Manager House on farm 2. This consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounges, kitchen, scullery, pantry and guest room / office. Large covered stoop with swimming pool. Well-developed garden, which includes a large dam. There are various out buildings including laundry, stores etc. The house is solar powered with a backup 16 kVa generator. There is a strong borehole with a Lister and Mono and tank stand. Managers house This has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large kitchen with pantry, walk in wardrobe, large lounge and a covered veranda. The house is positioned to ensure privacy to both the occupants and the owners. All three houses at the HQ use the solar generated power and main water reticulation. Game Managers house on farm 3. This consists of a 3 bedroomed, 2 bath roomed, lounge, kitchen, pantry, study, covered stoop and outbuildings and carport. This house is solar powered. It is close, around 400m from GM house and from where it receives water. This is a 3 bedroomed traditional farm manager’s house. It has a strong borehole, header tank that is driven by a solar powered pump. 2: Water The farms upon which operates are on the Ghanzi ridge and thus water is shallow and plentiful throughout. There are 19 boreholes currently in use throughout the farms. They are on average 40m depth with water at 15m. The water is sweet and potable. There are 3 boreholes equipped with Lister engines and mono pumps, 5 windmills, 9 solar powered and two in the sand veld equipped with diesel generators and submersibles. There are a further 13 proven boreholes drilled and capped. These were drilled as part of a scheme to divide the property into an eco lodge leisure development that was subsequently abandoned. There is a pipeline from HQ going north into the sandveld which supplies a further 3 game drinking points. GPS cords and a description of each water point are listed in the appendix. 3: Roads and firebreaks There is a comprehensive well-maintained road and firebreak network throughout the farms. 4: Cattle infrastructure Farm 4. has been comprehensively developed into a state of the art cattle unit. There are over 75 kms of 5 strand cattle fences, 4 central Kraal complexes and a central loading facility There are 6 reservoirs with a total capacity of 1 million litres of water and associated water reticulation through HDPvC 75mm piping. There are two boreholes equipped with generators and submersible pumps. The farm has been chemically de-bushed where necessary. The grazing on the farm is in excellent condition and is recognised as ideal for cattle.

Wildlife & Vegetation

The following game is included and estimated numbers are shown:

1800 Gemsbok

1500 Kudu

1300 Eland

1000 Blue Wildebeest

400 Impala

250 Waterbuck

200 Zebra

150 Black Wildebeest

150 Ostrich

100 Hartebeest

50 Springbok

30 Giraffe

Various free roaming game can be frequently spotted including African Wild Dog, Baboon, Black-backed Jackal, Brown hyena, Bushbuck, Cheetah, Common Duiker, Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Spotted Hyena and Warthog , etc.

Tree life is absolutely stunning with some of the following trees: Brandy Bush (Rosyntjiebos), Buffalo Thorn (Blinkblaar-wag-\'n-bietjie), Camel thorn (Kameeldoring), Leadwood (Hardekool), Shepherd's Tree (Witgat), Sickle Bush (Sekelbos) and Umbrella Thorn (Haak-en-Steek) .

Land Claims

There are no land claims registered against this property nor any rural areas nearby.

This farm is located in the Botswana region.


R 150 000 000

Excludes VAT if applicable

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