60 ha Fully-Developed Irrigation Farm outside Brits

This 60 ha fully developed irrigation farm is situated in the Brits area approximately 65 kilometers from Pretoria with very high income potential.There is registered water rights from the Hartebeespoort water scheme for 150 000 m3 or 24 ha and another 22,5 ha from the boreholes.This is a fully functional irrigation farm with its own pill producing and feed plant that can produce up to 60 tons per month.The soil is black and red turf and very high quality for producing anything from fresh produce to maize, lucerne, wheat etc.The current owners has spent the last three years preparing the soil and all the soil adjustments that was needed were made and soil monsters is also available. The improvements on the farm has all been done recently and a huge amount of money was spend to ensure high quality and effective infrastructure.The farm is being used as a feedlot for sheep at the moment and lucerne as well as maize and various oats is being produced that is used in the feedlot.There is a large double storey shed that can accommodate 600 sheep at a time on the top storey alone with 28 smaller pens with automatic food and water supply to each pen. This farm is very well developed with high potential for producing lucerne pills for game farmers seeing that the whole plant is already functional and there is more water than you can use.The owners also have an additional 30 ha irrigation farm adjacent to this farm which will also be sold after the 61 ha is sold and first option will be given to the buyer of the 61 ha farm.Serious buyer are welcome to contact me for more information regarding this property.


  • Very neat four bedroom 3 bathroom house with lounge, diningroom, office, tv room,kitchen,scullery,pantry,laundry 408 m2
  • Two outside offices with 4 carports and another 4 carports with a store room
  • Feeding shed 720 m2 completely enclosed with automated feeding facilities that can accommodate 600 sheep on the top storey alone.
  • Feed storing shed 810 m2 completely enclosed with a maize dam that can store
  • 130 tons plus pill producing plant with all the accessories also fully automated.
  • Sheep shed 1360 m2 fully enclosed with water and food that can also accommodate 600 sheep
  • Workshop fully enclosed 360 m2
  • Open shed for implements plus poison store and another enclosed store area
  • Workers houses for 10 people
  • Very good security system with live cameras and alarm systems
  • Water rights registered 150 000 m3 or 24,1 ha from Hartebeespoort water scheme
  • Water rights registered 22,4 ha from boreholes
  • Three escom equipped boreholes delivering 80 000 l/h
  • Large irrigation dam with water pipe lines than run through the middle of the farm.
  • The 30 ha adjacent farm also has water rights as follows: 63860 m3 10.3 ha from the Hartebeespoort water scheme; Borehole 5.1 ha water rights; There is also a house and various outbuildings and sheds on this farm; Borehole escom equipped could only be tested to 20 000 gal/h but is stronger than that.

Land Claims

There are no land claims registered against this property.

This farm is located in the Elsewhere region.


R 12 750 000

Excluding VAT if applicable

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